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Cultural Center

The Cultural Center creates educational opportunities for members of the university community to critically think about their beliefs, values, and assumptions as it relates to culture.  Our vision is an inclusive and accepting campus climate free of bias and hate where students, faculty, staff, and alumni work together to create positive change in the campus and the local community.  

The Black Diamond Choir, organized in 1969, is a student gospel group that has been singing and sharing the "Good News" locally and in various locations within Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio, and Georgia. Your gift will support the choir with performance travel, programming, recruitment, on-campus and local community events, and the choir’s annual concert. 

The Black Male Initiative (Cultural Center Success Initiative) at the University of Louisville seeks to increase the retention, graduation, engagement, and overall success of African American males by addressing various scholastic and social challenges, through academic engagement, mentoring, peer connection, and student involvement. Your gift to BMI will provide resources that allow the program to support students with financial need and programming to enhance the experience of UofL’ s Black male students. 

The Cultural Center creates educational opportunities for members of the university community to critically think about their beliefs, values, and assumptions as it relates to culture. Your support will allow us to ensure equity and opportunity, increase awareness of diversity issues throughout the campus and local community, and strengthen relationships across diverse groups. Your gift will support programming that will promote dialogue and understanding of topics related to diversity and support campus efforts to increase the retention, success, and participation of students, faculty, and staff from historically underrepresented groups. 

Your gift to the Latino Success Fund assists our peer mentoring services specifically aimed at the Latinx student population at UofL. This program allows Compas Peer Mentor/Ambassadors to serve all incoming first-year, first-time degree-seeking freshmen and transfer students from Hispanic/Latinx backgrounds. Compas represents the Cultural Center’s Hispanic, Latinx & Indigenous Initiatives with recruitment, retention, and community outreach. This peer mentor program is essential to the student success initiatives in the Cultural Center. 

The Woodford R. Porter Scholarship Program, created in 1984, is the largest scholarship organization at the University of Louisville. Named after the first African American appointed as a university trustee, the late Woodford R. Porter Sr., the mission and purpose are to provide academic, personal, and professional support and to all scholarship recipients. Your gift will help the program aid students with expenses not covered by the scholarship including books, study abroad opportunities, personal/professional development, and other needs that will help students persist and graduate. 

The Al Dia en America Scholarship was established by Jose Neil Dons, publisher of the Al Dia en America newspaper, will support a Latino/a/x or Hispanic student with educational as well as personal and professional development expenses that will aid them in pursuing a college degree. 

The Darla Frazier Scholarship was created for Darla Frazier who worked at the University of Louisville in various capacities for more than 30 years. As the Administrative Associate in the Cultural Center, Darla's passion for working with and supporting students was evident each day she was in the office. Before the end of her battle with breast cancer in 2017, Darla visited the Cultural Center with inspiring and motivating words for staff and students. “Never stop smiling and always do good.” This need-based book scholarship is intended to support students who demonstrate a commitment towards their desired career path and are involved on campus and in the local community. 

The Melanin 5 Endowed Scholarship was established in 2021 by five UofL doctoral students: Sherry Durham, Leondra Gully, Sarah Nuñez, Nakia Strickland, and Marian Vasser, is designed to increase the amount of BIPOC students who are admitted to and graduate from a doctoral program. By contributing to this fund, your gift will ensure more BIPOC doctoral students receive financial support to reduce barriers faced along their journey to graduating and thriving in a world that has historically oppressed and limited their ability to thrive and succeed. The Melanin 5 is the first all-women of color doctoral cohort at UofL. Each member of the Melanin 5 has contributed to this fund to ensure more BIPOC students can realize their full potential. 

The Sagar Patagundi Alumni Scholarship for DACA and Undocumented Students was created for Sagar Patagundi who came to the United States as a child with his family. They all entered the country legally, but his father was eventually denied a green card after his application was pending for 11 years and was forced to return to their native country, India. Later his mother returned as well, leaving Sagar and his two brothers alone in the United States to pursue their dream of a college education. Sagar enrolled at UofL and became a key figure in the immigrant rights movement, founding a student organization called FIRE (Fighting for Immigrants Rights and Equality) and speaking nationally about the issues that undocumented students face. He graduated from the University of Louisville in 2014 with BA in Communication and continues to work as an advocate for social change with the ACLU of Kentucky and other local organizations. The Sagar Patagundi Scholarship will support undergraduate DACA and undocumented students. 

The Louisville Tango Festival Scholarship is available to Latino/a/x and Hispanic students pursuing a degree in any major at the University of Louisville. 

The Xi Chapter Eleanor Foreman Scholarship is a new academic scholarship at the University of Louisville, which was started by the Xi Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Xi Chapter chose to name this scholarship after one of their own, Eleanor Foreman. She paved the way for many by being the first Black woman to serve in the following positions: Negotiator for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, Chairman of the Federal Credit Union, sales associate for the Louisville Board of Realtors. Additionally, she served as the president of the following organizations: the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. Louisville section, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Louisville Alumnae Chapter, and Bourgard College of Music and Art. Your gift will be used to support the educational expenses of an African American female student.

Thank you for your support of the Cultural Center. #RaiseSomeL

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Early Bird Challenge
The early bird gets the worm, right? The area with the largest number of donors between 6:02 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19, will receive an extra $500. Don't wait, participate!
Rank Prize Area Donors
1 $500 College of Arts & Sciences 95
2 School of Medicine 60
3 UofL Alumni Councils 53
4 RaiseRED Dance Marathon 36
5 Resilient Families Project 34
6 Student Affairs 20
7 Cultural Center 20
8 College of Business 16
9 Speed School of Engineering 13
10 School of Nursing 13
11 UofL Health 12
12 College of Education & Human Development 11
13 MLK Scholars Program 11
14 UofL Alumni Chapters 11
15 Brown Cancer Center 10
16 Miracle Monocle 9
17 School of Public Health & Information Sciences 8
18 McConnell Center 7
19 LGBT Center 6
20 Kent School of Social Work 5
21 Young and Emerging Professionals ERG 5
22 Brandeis School of Law 4
23 School of Dentistry 4
24 School of Music 4
25 Black Faculty & Staff Association 4
26 Malcolm X Debate Team 3
27 International Center 3
28 Sustainability Initiatives 3
29 Student Experience & Scholarships 2
30 Diversity & Equity Centers 2
31 Graduate School 2
32 University Honors Program 2
33 Student Success Center 2
34 Athletics 2
35 REACH - Resources for Academic Achievement 1
36 UofL Libraries 1
37 Diversity Education 1
38 Gray Street Farmers Market 1
39 Diversity Initiatives 1
40 Study Abroad 1
41 Centers & Institutes 0
42 Campus Initiatives 0
43 Faculty & Staff Programs 0
44 Employee Resource Groups 0
45 Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research 0
46 COVID-19 Research 0
47 COVID-19 Support 0
48 Denny Crum Scholarship 0
49 More Scholarships 0
50 Muhammad Ali Institute 0
51 Rauch Planetarium 0
52 Speed School AMIST Lab COVID-19 Projects 0
53 Staff Assistance Fund 0
54 Survivors of Torture Recovery Center 0
55 Urban & Public Affairs Scholarships 0
56 Women's Center 0
Power Hour Challenge
Power up during the day! The area with the most unique donors from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. Eastern on October 20 will receive an additional $500 to their area.
Rank Prize Power Hour Challenge Donors
1 $500 RaiseRED Dance Marathon 29
2 College of Arts & Sciences 21
3 School of Medicine 10
4 School of Dentistry 8
5 College of Business 7
6 Cultural Center 7
7 College of Education & Human Development 5
8 UofL Health 4
9 MLK Scholars Program 4
10 Student Experience & Scholarships 3
11 Resilient Families Project 3
12 Graduate School 3
13 School of Music 3
14 Student Emergency Fund 3
15 Brown Cancer Center 2
16 Student Affairs 2
17 UofL Alumni Councils 2
18 LGBT Center 2
19 Miracle Monocle 2
20 Black Faculty & Staff Association 2
21 School of Public Health & Information Sciences 1
22 Muhammad Ali Institute 1
23 Brandeis School of Law 1
24 Kent School of Social Work 1
25 Malcolm X Debate Team 1
26 Sustainability Initiatives 1
27 UofL Alumni Chapters 1
28 School of Nursing 1
29 UofL Libraries 1
30 Diversity & Equity Centers 0
31 Campus Initiatives 0
32 Faculty & Staff Programs 0
33 Athletics 0
34 Centers & Institutes 0
35 Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research 0
36 COVID-19 Research 0
37 COVID-19 Support 0
38 Denny Crum Scholarship 0
39 Diversity Education 0
40 Diversity Initiatives 0
41 Employee Resource Groups 0
42 Gray Street Farmers Market 0
43 International Center 0
44 McConnell Center 0
45 More Scholarships 0
46 Rauch Planetarium 0
47 REACH - Resources for Academic Achievement 0
48 Speed School AMIST Lab COVID-19 Projects 0
49 Speed School of Engineering 0
50 Staff Assistance Fund 0
51 Study Abroad 0
52 Survivors of Torture Recovery Center 0
53 University Honors Program 0
54 Urban & Public Affairs Scholarships 0
55 Women's Center 0
56 Young and Emerging Professionals ERG 0
Overall Leaderboard
The area of campus with the greatest number of donors will receive $2,500 in additional funding! Second place will receive $2,000, third will receive $1,500, fourth will receive $1,000, and fifth will receive $500. Make your gift. Increase your impact. Raise Some L.
Rank Prize Area Donors
1 $2,500 RaiseRED Dance Marathon 484
2 $2,000 College of Arts & Sciences 459
3 $1,500 School of Medicine 245
4 $1,000 UofL Alumni Councils 154
5 $500 Cultural Center 145
6 Resilient Families Project 123
7 MLK Scholars Program 121
8 College of Business 87
9 Brown Cancer Center 76
10 LGBT Center 76
11 UofL Health 73
12 Student Emergency Fund 62
13 School of Nursing 61
14 College of Education & Human Development 61
15 Speed School of Engineering 60
16 School of Music 40
17 Kent School of Social Work 37
18 UofL Alumni Chapters 34
19 School of Public Health & Information Sciences 31
20 School of Dentistry 29
21 Miracle Monocle 29
22 UofL Libraries 24
23 Student Affairs 23
24 Brandeis School of Law 22
25 Student Success Center 22
26 McConnell Center 21
27 Black Faculty & Staff Association 20
28 Student Experience & Scholarships 19
29 Graduate School 18
30 Young and Emerging Professionals ERG 17
31 Athletics 15
32 International Center 10
33 Sustainability Initiatives 9
34 Fraternity & Sorority Life 8
35 REACH - Resources for Academic Achievement 8
36 Diversity & Equity Centers 7
37 Muhammad Ali Institute 6
38 Staff Assistance Fund 5
39 The Women’s Network 5
40 University Honors Program 4
41 Women's Center 4
42 More Scholarships 4
43 Urban & Public Affairs Scholarships 3
44 Gray Street Farmers Market 3
45 Diversity Initiatives 2
46 Denny Crum Scholarship 2
47 Faculty & Staff Programs 1
48 Diversity Education 1
49 Speed School AMIST Lab COVID-19 Projects 1
50 Study Abroad 1
51 Survivors of Torture Recovery Center 1
52 Centers & Institutes 0
53 Campus Initiatives 0
54 Employee Resource Groups 0
55 COVID-19 Support 0
56 Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research 0
57 COVID-19 Research 0
58 Rauch Planetarium 0
1,798th Donor Challenge
In honor of UofL's founding year, the 1,798th donor during Raise Some L will receive an additional $500 to the area they supported! *Please note there will only be 1 winner in this challenge and the official winner will be notified after Raise Some L. Congratulations to Bryan Ganious for being our 1798th donor!!! We'll be in touch soon and way to go!
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