The University of Louisville School of Music is committed to teaching music as an artistic, academic, and professional discipline; to fostering in a variety of ways and for diverse communities the creation, performance, study, teaching, and therapeutic use of music; and to contributing innovative musical leadership in the city of Louisville and beyond.

The School of Music is committed to

    Providing students with a balanced set of musical performance, aesthetic, and analytical experiences that will allow them to advance as professionals in chosen fields of study

    Providing instruction and opportunities in music that enables all students to make music activities an enduring part of their lives

    Performing, promoting and developing understanding of music by living composers

    Serving the university, community and music profession through presentations of music performances, support for music education and therapy, and collaborations with other performing arts organizations

    Advancing the art of music globally through the work of faculty composers, performers, teachers, and researchers.

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1,798th Donor Challenge
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Midwest Clinic/AAHMI
This donor will be matching all gifts to the Midwest Clinic/AAHMI trip up to $1000. Can you help us raise $1000 in order to secure another $1000? This performance and the investment in it puts the University of Louisville School of Music on the map and in the spotlight. The ripple effects of this performance will impact recruiting, student retention, and places us in the distinct position as a destination school for years to come.
Overall Leaderboard
The area of campus with the greatest number of donors will receive $2,500 in additional funding! Second place will receive $2,000, third will receive $1,500, fourth will receive $1,000, and fifth will receive $500. Make your gift. Increase your impact. Raise Some L.
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The Beth Boehm Concert Series
The Beth Boehm Concert Series offers pop-up concerts across campus to provide music to the Cardinal Community. This donor will be donating $1000 to the pop-up concert series if we reach 75 donors today.
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