At the University of Louisville School of Nursing, the faculty strive to educate individuals to be “Practice Ready.” Practice ready graduates are 25-50% more ready to practice safely during the first year of working as a Registered Nurse. A nursing curriculum that is competency based ensures that student nurses are ready to practice upon graduation. The School of Nursing is also working to prepare more registered nurses in the workforce through our accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing and accelerated Master’s Entry into Professional Nursing programs. The layers of skill and education that graduates from these second-degree programs bring to the workforce are valued by employers and meet the evolving health care needs of society. Cardinal Nurses reflect care, commitment, resiliency, and critical thinking in a 2021 world - today’s nurse: “High Tech, High Touch, and High Impact.”



Early Bird Challenge
The early bird gets the worm, right? The area with the largest number of donors between 6:02 p.m. and 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19, will receive an extra $500. Don't wait, participate!
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1,798th Donor Challenge
In honor of UofL's founding year, the 1,798th donor during Raise Some L will receive an additional $500 to the area they supported! *Please note there will only be 1 winner in this challenge and the official winner will be notified after Raise Some L.
1,798 Donor Goal
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Future Cards & Pets Challenge
Share photos of your Future Cardinals and/or pets on public social media posts to spread the word about Raise Some L! Posts must include #RaiseSomeL and Two randomly selected winners will receive an additional $200 to the respective areas of their choosing. Start sharing those photos!
Dean Hardin's Match for the Gladys Childress Murray Scholarship
Give a gift to encourage a nontraditional student like Gladys Childress Murray was in 1954! Heading to college when it was least expected, trailblazing to pursue a dream. Your gift could assist a minority student who, as an adult, wants to pursue a dream of excellence and service through nursing education. The impact of your gift could be far-reaching. Dean Sonya Hardin of the School of Nursing is matching every dollar given to the Gladys Childress Murray Scholarship during Raise Some L, dollar for dollar, up to $3,000. Thanks, Dean Hardin!
Overall Leaderboard
The area of campus with the greatest number of donors will receive $2,500 in additional funding! Second place will receive $2,000, third will receive $1,500, fourth will receive $1,000, and fifth will receive $500. Make your gift. Increase your impact. Raise Some L.
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#RaiseSomeL Social Media Challenge
Use #RaiseSomeL on public social media posts to spread the word about the day! The TWO posts we vote as having our favorite content will get an additional $250 each to the respective areas of their choosing. Show off your creativity!
Top Student Ambassador
The student ambassador who recruits the most donors for Raise Some L this year will unlock a $100 gift to a fund area of their choice.
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