The mission of the Graduate School is to advocate and provide support for graduate education, graduate students, and interdisciplinary programs, and to promote the advancement of knowledge through the teaching and training of post-baccalaureate students. The UofL Graduate School cultivates a spirit of inquiry and propels discoveries through research and training to solve problems, enhance lives, and support the goals of the University of Louisville. The Graduate School establishes minimum guidelines for graduate education that maintain high standards and oversees policies for administering graduate education at the University of Louisville. Through identifying areas of strength and need, the Graduate School develops or advocates for the development of new programs. It also partners with the academic units to support graduate students, financially and professionally, and helps those units recruit, retain, and prepare students for successful careers.

Redefining Student Success: With the freedom to explore and specialized interdisciplinary learning, the UofL Graduate School supports and prepares students to forge new paths toward making a difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

Research & Innovation Powerhouse: A community of truth-seekers and problem-solvers drives new knowledge and solutions through collaboration and a commitment to impacting the world's most complex challenges.

Premier Metropolitan University: Putting theory into practice is at the center of everything we do, offering a diverse and dynamic environment to spur creativity, connections and engagement within the local community, region and beyond.

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In honor of UofL's founding year, the 1,798th donor during Raise Some L will receive an additional $500 to the area they supported! *Please note there will only be 1 winner in this challenge and the official winner will be notified after Raise Some L.
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The area of campus with the greatest number of donors will receive $2,500 in additional funding! Second place will receive $2,000, third will receive $1,500, fourth will receive $1,000, and fifth will receive $500. Make your gift. Increase your impact. Raise Some L.
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